Lunes - 13.Julio.2020

 Besides offering a wide variety of packaging products, from Cubicaje we offer our clients different services that allow them to optimize their business in packaging related processes. Our main services are:

The storage space is an important factor in the business optimization of our clients. We know this, and because of that we offer our clients stock management service, through which we store their packaging products, freeing up space in their warehouses. 

Along with the stock management service, we offer our clients the delivery of packaging products to their facilities, under the “just in time” methodology. To guaranty the quality of the logistic service, we own a float of trucks and transport vehicles, as well as warehouses in different locations throughout Europe, Asia and America.

  1. Paper production
  2. Sheet production
  3. Printing, die-cut, cut  
  4. Folded, glued
  5. Storage
  6. Delivery